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MPA, analog position sensor that can be installed with the Adapter effectively and help make the work process faster more precise.

  • High flexibility through measuring ranges from 107 mm. to 1,007 mm.
  • Increased machine performance thanks to the sensor’s minimal blind zone.
  • Saves time due to configurable start and end points via intelligent Teach Pad.
  • A rugged aluminum housing, the capacitive Teach Pad, and the anti-kink cable guarantee the sensor a long service life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Time savings thanks to simple commissioning and diagnostics using a 4-color LED display.
  • Analog power, voltage signal and IO-Link in a single sensor reduces the range of variants and thereby lowers warehousing costs.
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and display thanks to IO-Link saves time and money.


  • Analog positioning sensor, can be mounted on a vast range of cylinders (e.g., cylinders with T-slots, round cylinders, and tie rod cylinders) thanks to its universal housing with adapters.
  • Measured lengths from 107 mm to 1,007 mm in 36 mm increments.
  • Output signals 4 mA to 20 mA as well as 0 V to 10 V in a single sensor.
  • Linearity of 5 mm (typ.) at a sampling rate of 1.15 ms (typ.), and a resolution of 0.06 mm (typ.)
  • Electric setting of zero point and end point via teach pushbutton.
  • IP 67 protection class.


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