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MR-Q3-600CE-C (HI)

Hikrobot’s MR-Q3-600CE-C (HI) autonomous transport robot, moving without lines with SLAM/QR code, enables the robot to move quickly, safely, avoiding obstacles and can accurately adjust the traffic route to match the surrounding environment. Helps to increase efficiency in transporting workpieces or products cost-effectively and more efficient.


  • High-performance, Safety and Multiple Types
  • Multi-certifications
  • Full range safety protections
  • Flexibility
  • Wide application


  • Lifting Height 60 mm. 
  • Rated Load 600 kg. 
  • 2D code Navigation
  • Weight 135 kg.
  • Rotation Diameter 996 mm.
  • Endurance 8 h. 
  • Dimension 940*650*253 mm. (L*W*H)
  • Rated Speed 2.0 m/s
  • Max. Rotation Speed 200 °/s 
  • Position Accuracy ±10 mm
  • Charging Time 1.5 h.
  • Driving Mode: Differential Drive

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