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MR-Q7-1000CE-D (HI)

The MR-Q7-1000CE-D (HI) or LMR (Latent Mobile Robot) is another version of the mobile robot that transports automatic workpieces that Hikrobot has developed to meet the needs of more applications. It can carry up to 1,000 kg of cargo and uses SLAM/QR code technology to determine the direction of movement, save cost increase efficiency in work processes and make the work process more secure.


  • High efficiency.
  • Flexible to use.
  • Can be applied to different areas or environments.
  • Support for a variety of connections.
  • Comprehensive security protection.


  • Rated Load: 1,000 kg
  • Lifting Height: 60 mm.
  • Weight: 247 kg
  • Rotation Diameter: 1265 mm.
  • Navigation: SLAM/QR code
  • Endurance: 8 h
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 1180*860*265 mm.
  • Rated Speed: 1.8 m/s
  • Rotation Speed: 180 °/s
  • Position Accuracy: ±10 mm.
  • Charging Time: ≤ 2 h
  • Driving Mode: Differential Drive

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