The MRS6000 3D LiDAR sensor uses a high scanning point density and an aperture angle of 120° to reliably detect its environment across 24 layers. Special mirror technology ensures high scanning field stability. With the aid of multi-echo technology, the sensor scans through rain, dust, and fog, while simultaneously multiplying the point density. These properties are particularly useful for creating a 3D point cloud without any gaps, which can be used to tackle a whole host of demanding applications.


  • Gap-free detection across 24 scanning layers at an aperture angle of 120°
  • Fine angular resolution with high scanning point density
  • Reliability thanks to multi-echo technology
  • Convenient and customer-friendly web server interface for configuration


Application Outdoor
Aperture angle
Horizontal 120°
Vertical 15°
Angular resolution 0.13°, horizontal
0.625°, vertical
Working range 0.5 m … 200 m
Scanning range
At 10% remission 30 m, x 1.4 (typ.) in mode: Extended measuring range
At 90% remission 75 m, x 1.4 (typ.) in mode: Extended measuring range
Amount of evaluated echoes 4
Scanning frequency 10 Hz
Ambient operating temperature –20 °C … +60 °C
Weight 2.2 kg / 2.4 kg

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