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Picking Sensor or Ultra-slim Body Area Sensor model NA1-5 is a small light curtain sensor. Suitable for use as a work piece sensor. to control the picking of the work piece in the correct order Helps prevent wrong assembly or incomplete assembly The detection height is 100 mm, the number of beams is 5, the distance between the beams is 25 mm, and the detection distance is 0.2 to 3 m. It is powered by 12 to 24 V DC.


  • Suitable for sequential pick-picking detection (POKA-YOKE).
  • Applied to the detection of various types of work
  • The detection range is 2 to 3 m (if 0.05 to 1.0 m detection distance is required, push the switch to the “SHORT” position).
  • Detection height is 100
  • The distance between the beams is 25 The target object can be detected. Diameter 35 mm.
  • There is an operating lamp model with higher brightness than the standard model.
  • You can choose the style of the lights. for notifications showing work.
  • There is an anti-interference system. and can be installed close together without fear that there will be errors in operation.


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