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Package and Luggage Analytic

SICK’s Baggage Analytics software provides comprehensive, real-time performance and health monitoring of automated logistics operations in the airport industry. From tracking an individual piece of luggage on a conveyor to an airline/airport processing thousands of bags a day, Baggage Analytics helps drive timely decision-making in high-volume applications. Throughout bag drop, receiving, sortation and transfer operations, this software helps you prepare for Industry 4.0 by boosting traceability, accuracy and efficiency.


  • Reliable aggregation and visualization of SICK sensor data.
  • Modern, responsive user interface accessible on multiple form factors.
  • Data Analysis Package based on time, read-rates and barcode type.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Time limited license for evaluation.
  • Reduce fraud and liability by validating baggage integrity at key operation points.
  • Improve security and customer satisfaction by expediting location of lost or misplaced bags.
  • Gain secure access on multiple form factors (mobile/tablet/desktop)
  • Validate baggage integrity at key operation points to reduce liability, increase security and improve customer service.
  • Increase system performance with more transparent system and facility operations.


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