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Panda Food Delivery Robot

The Panda food delivery robot is equipped with Reeman’s leading autonomous scheduling system, multi-machine collaboration, high-precision navigation and positioning, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and automatic recharging. It is widely used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other scenarios.


  • No coding required: Navigation deployment, no need to paste code, Real-time high-precision navigation and positioning.
  • 5-inch advertising screen: Rear high-definition advertising screen, automatic cruise, improve marketing and promotion effect.
  • Autonomous scheduling system: Multi-machine cooperation, orderly operation, avoid blocking “machines”, and improve the efficiency of food delivery.
  • Autonomous path planning: Automatically plan the optimal driving route, Efficient delivery.


Product Size: 500mm.(L) x 500mm.(W) x 1460mm.(H)
Net Weight: 60KG
Display: Operation screen: 7 inches, rear advertising screen: 16.5 inches
Tray Size: 500mm. x 408mm. (4th floor)
Charging Time: 3-4 hours (rechargeable automatically)
Battery Life: 8 hours
Battery Parameters: 24V / 15Ah
Light Interaction: Dinner Plate Tips
Pallet Weight Limit: 20kg / Layer
Task Configuration: Customize Task Settings

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