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PM: All models are standardly equipped with the following protection circuits in their compact bodies. These protection circuits minimize the possibility of sensor malfunctions or damage caused by incorrect wiring.

  • Reverse supply polarity protection circuit
  • Reverse output polarity protection circuit
  • Output short-circuit protection circuit


Beam emitting / receiving distance of 6mm!

The beam emitting and receiving sections are 0.5mm thinner compared to our conventional models although the external dimensions have not changed. As a result, the distance between the beam-emitting and the beam-receiving point increased by 1mm. The wider distance means less possibility of collision with the sensing objects.

Beam marks for easy adjustment

There are marks on the front and back of the sensor to indicate the upper and the lower limit of the beam axis. This makes it easy to adjust the position of the sensing object.

Large and easy-to-see operation indicator

The large operation indicator (orange) lights up when an object enters the beam axis. The indicator is easy to see from any angle – even from above and from the sides.

Resistant to vibrations and impacts

Sections where stress concentrates, for example the section where the cable and the internal circuit meet, are covered with a resin. This helps to prevent malfunctions caused by vibrations and impacts.


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