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Power Lock

The Power-Lock boasts a wide range of variations. This friction type locking device allows easy, strong, and secure connections between shafts and hubs without backlash. The environment-resistant series is also available, which is suitable for use in clean rooms.


AS Series

  • Multipurpose locking devices available in stainless steel and electroless nickel-plated finish, in addition to standard models.
  • Easy-handling and multipurpose power lock.

AD-N Series

  • Capable of transmitting 1.5 to 3 times the AS Series rated torque capacity. Electroless nickel-plated KP models added to the lineup.

AE Series

  • Simply constructed units with only an inner and an outer ring with a few locking bolts.
  • Economical power locks with centering function added to the general purpose power locks.

KE Series

  • Suitable for small shafts with a wide range of tolerances (m6, k6, js6, h6 ~ h10). Available in stainless steel and electroless nickel-plated KP models.
  • Capable of handling a wide tolerance (m6-h10) of shaft sizes with self centering function.

TF Series

  • Excellent for small hub applications. Available in electroless nickel-plated finish.
  • Ideal for small diameter bosses. Includes centering function.

SL Series

  • External locking devices installed over outer hub diameters. Especially suitable for hollow shaft connections.
  • Connects to outside of boss.

EF Series

  • Pressure flange type locking devices with twice the rated torque capacity of EL Series.
  • EL Series with pressure flange and centering function.

EL Series

  • Although these shaft-hub locking devices cannot connect independently, they require minimum installation space and offer compact design configurations.
  • Compact design – 2 rings take up very little space.

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