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Pro Series Swing Barrier Plus: DS-K3B601A-x

The DS-K3B601 series swing barrier with 12 pairs of IR lights is designed to detect unauthorized entrance or exit. By adopting the swing barrier integratedly with the access control system, person should authenticate to pass through the lane via swiping IC or ID card, scanning QR code, etc. It is widely used in attractions, stadiums, construction sites, residences, etc.


  • Brushless DC electric motor supports more than 5,000,000 (for DS-K3B601A series)/3,000,000 (for DS-K3B601 series) open/close barrier times.
  • 12 pairs of IR light detectors. (Permissions validation and anti-tailgating.)
  • Customizes audio prompt content.
  • Remote control door status via keyfob. (One keyfob can pairs one swing barrier, while one swing barrier can connect up to 32 keyfobs.)
  • LED light indicates passing direction
  • Audible and visual nipping alarm (The barrier will stop working for a period of time when detecting obstruction when open/close )
  • Anti-force accessing. (The barrier will be locked automatically without open-door signal when detecting force accessing (<120 Nm)).
  • Self-detection, Self-diagnostics, and automatic alarm.
  • Audible and visual alarm includes intrusion alarm, reverse passing alarm, tailgating alarm, and climbing over barrier alarm.
  • Valid passing duration settings. (System will cancel the passing permission if a person does not pass through the lane within the valid passing duration.)
  • Barrier status settings for entrance and exit.
  • Supports multiple persons passing through the lane after continuous authentications.
  • People counting.
  • Door remaining open when fire alarm triggered. (The barrier will open automatically when alarm is triggered.)
  • Remote control and management via iVMS-4200 control client.
  • Online/offline operation.
  • Barrier is in free status when powering down.


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