Protecta Vest-Style harness

Full Body Harness, designed and developed for hip pads to be 3.5 times larger with added strength and softness. for comfortable wearing It comes with a strong seatbelt strap, a permanent D-ring on the back. An SRL lanyard or overhead rescue device can be inserted. enhance safety throughout the work perfectly

The full body safety suit is also designed with a U-shaped neck that comes with a cushion to absorb moisture. It helps to reduce friction and the accumulation of sweat as well. It also has a self-recovery safety rope hook hanger. It is also certified to international safety standards such as ANSI Z359.11, ensuring safety in use.


  • All Protecta Harnesses now include low-profile suspension trauma straps integrated between harness webbing
  • Fixed D-ring reduces the need for readjustment throughout the workday
  • Specifically designed for added comfort
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable back padding with soft edging for added comfort
  • Modern design gives harness a fresh and sleek look
  • Auto-resetting lanyard keepers for fast and easy parking of snap hooks and carabiners
  • Impact indicators make it easy to inspect the harness for prior damaging impact loads
  • Protected labels for long-term identification and inspection
  • Back D-Ring, Back Padding, Tongue-Buckle Leg Connection, Pass-Through Chest Connection



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