Redundancy and diode modules: For diode modules

Use our diode and redundancy modules to connect two power supplies and compensate for a device failing. In addition, our capacity module offers power reserves, guaranteeing purposeful and quick triggering of a circuit breaker, for example.


Connect Power PRO-M expansion modules

  • Redundant power supply systems increase the availability and consequently the operating times of machinery.
  • The new diode modules, with 20 A or 40 A output current and integrated status relay, enable the installation of trouble-free systems.
  • The capacitance module ensures a secure power supply even at peak loads (forexample when the motor starts) and the specific triggering of circuit breakers. It can be installed in addition to the power supply at any time.
  • The relay module monitors the 24-V power supply. The simple click-on assembly process enables quick installation and makes it possible to retro-fit on the switch-mode power supply unit.

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Download Catalog : Redundancy and diode modules: For diode modules

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