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Redundancy and diode modules: For redundancy modules

Make your supply concept everlasting and connect our switched-mode power supply units using perfectly coordinated add-on modules.

Use our diode and redundancy modules to connect two power supplies and compensate for a device failing. In addition, our capacity module offers power reserves, guaranteeing purposeful and quick triggering of a circuit breaker, for example.


Connect Power PRO-H redundancy modules

The powerful new line of PRO-H power supplies – with ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals – is designed for use in Ex zones and the high-performance sector. High power reserves, a wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C and high MTBF values (mean time between failures) of up to 1.8 million hours: these features ensure that the power supplies are suitable for all applications that require superior reliability (for example in the processing industry, power engineering, and in demanding machine construction applications).

Solutions are available to fit control voltages from 12V/24V to 48V. The product can be wired in parallel in order to increase the power capacity. A two-channel set-up with 100% load sharing can also be implemented with an optional redundancy module. This serves to increase your operational reliability. The Remote On/Off function allow you to switch the device on and off remotely. The output status can be signalled over a voltage-free relay or transistor output. The devices are equipped with pluggable connection terminals which allow them to be easily tested.

Product solutions can be custom-fit for use in different types of one-phase, and three-phase systems.

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Download Catalog : Redundancy and diode modules: For redundancy modules

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