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  • Reduced maintenance cost as the sensor keeps its position under shock and vibration and does not move out.
  • Flexible installation via Allen wrench or flathead screwdriver.
  • Time saving single-hand mounting with ¼-turn installation.
  • Convenient installation and sensor replacement due to drop-in installation – installer does not need to disassemble the cylinder from the machine for sensor replacement.
  • Extremely rugged VISTAL-housing – rated for IP67 respectively IP 68 and IP 69K, enlarging sensor life time.


  • Fits into all commonly used cylinders, linear slides and grippers with C-slots, such as, Festo or SMC
  • Complete range with Reed 3-wire, Reed 2-wire, and Reed 120V version
  • Combined Allen and flathead installation screw
  • Very short sensor housing, making it easier to install on short stroke cylinders
  • LED function indicator
  • IP 67 / IP 68 / IP 69K enclosure rating (depending on type)


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