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S/SX Series

S/SX Series, Ultra Robust Cable Carrier designed with strong link plates and also has a special engraved.  That helps make the movement of work faster, safer and more convenient, as well as being able to bear a lot of weight.


  • Extremely robust, sturdy steel cable carriers for heavy mechanical loads and rough environmental conditions.
  • Side bands made of steel or stainless steel.
  • Very sturdy link plates, each consisting of two individual plates.
  • Very extensive unsupported lengths even with large additional loads.
  • Joint design with multi stroke system and special bolt.
  • Bolted stay systems, solid end connectors.
  • S series: Side bands made of galvanized steel.
  • SX series: Side bands made of steel resistant to rust and acid.


Type hi
S/SX0650 26-40 70-500 65
S/SX0950 40-48 125-600 95
S/SX1250 66-74 130-800 125
S/SX1800 104-110 180-1,000 180
S/SX2500 180-183 250-1,200 250
S/SX3200 220 250-1,500 320
S/SX5000 150 150-1,000 200
S/SX6000 240 200-1,200 320
S/SX7000 370 350-1,800 450

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