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Safety laser scanners – nanoScan3

Safety laser scanners – nanoScan3 is the world’s smallest safety laser scanner. High precision and is safe to use Can be installed on AGVs or unmanned aerial vehicles for use in transporting goods more conveniently. It comes with safeHDDM® technology that allows the machine to work automatically. It uses a laser to accurately detect the surrounding environment whether it is obstacles, dirt and dust, etc. 

There is also the flexibility to adjust the speed and direction of the device to suit the work. Along with support for a variety of languages, easy to use, install and set up quickly and easily. Help make the work process more efficient.


  • Only 80 mm high
  • Extremely resistant to light, dust and dirt thanks to the safeHDDM® scan technology
  • High-precision measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields
  • Safe machine integration via I/Os


Technical data overview

Application Indoor
Protective field range 3 m
Warning field range 10 m
Scanning angle 275°
Number of fields 8 / 128
Number of monitoring cases 2 / 128
Response time 70 ms
OSSD pairs 1

2 1)

Integration in the control system Local inputs and outputs (I/O)
Safety level Type 3, PL d, SIL2, SILCL2

1) Availability depends on the configuration of the universal I/Os and universal inputs.

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