SAK-Series: Clamping Yoke Screw Connection

Klippon® Connect with clamping yoke Technology.

The high reliability and variety of designs of the terminal blocks with clamping yoke connections make planning easer and optimises operational safety. Klippon® Connect provides a proven response to a range of different requirements.


SAK-Series: Clamping Yoke Screw Connection

  • Put to the test billions of times

Countless approvals, specifications and the world’s most extensive range of terminals allow it to be used in a wide range of different applications.

  • The right materials for every application

Ambient temperatures are not an issue for the SAK-series thanks to different materials such as polyamide, thermoplastic and temperature resistant ceramic.

  • Best conductivity and high contact ability

Thanks to its construction, the legendary high tensile steel screw clamp absorbs geometric changes to the connected conductor.

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