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Compatible up to control category 4

Control category 4 compatible with an SF4B series / SF4B-C series / SF4C series combination and control category 2 compatible with an SF2B series / SF2C series combination.


Installation time and labor can be saved due to the usage of detachable terminal blocks.

As wiring can be performed with the terminal blocks removed, it is not necessary to detach the controller from the control panel when performing maintenance, thus reducing the number of installation procedures required. Also, when replacing the relay units, you simply insert new terminals without having to manipulate the wiring.

A connecting terminal blocks are not needed.

As SF-AC incorporates a power supply terminals and synchronization lines terminals for the light curtain, so terminal blocks are not required.

Unexpected start due to start-switch welding prevented.

The unit is equipped with a trailing edge switching function, which causes an ON signal to be sent when the start switch signal is falling. This prevents unexpected starting which can occur if the start switch gets welded.

Incorporates a 2-channel auxiliary output.

SF-AC incorporates both an auxiliary output that operates together with the light curtain’s control output (OSSD), and an alarm output that functions together with the light curtain’s auxiliary output (non-safety output). These features allow for monitoring of light curtain activity.

10 ms high-speed response.

We have realized the highest-class response time, 10 ms, for the relay output making for even more enhanced safety.


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