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Stainless Steel Top Chain

Stainless steel top chain uses highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel for key components.


  • Uses stainless steel for major parts, generally giving the chain a higher maximum allowable load and better corrosion resistance than plastic top chain. Ideal for conveying heavy loads that are difficult to convey with plastic top chain.
    • High Allowable Load: Maximum allowable load is approximately double that of TTP and TP series plastic top chains.
    • Heat Resistant: 304 stainless steel top chains can be used in temperatures ranging from –20°C to 400°
    • Corrosion and Chemical Resistant: When all components are made from 304 stainless steel, these chains can serve as standard corrosion-resistant chains.


Straight Running

TT Series

Globally standard shapes, all parts stainless steel.

TS/TSA Series

A linear conveyor chain with a double pitch base chain and top plates


TTU Series

Standard stainless steel conveyor chain for sideflexing. All parts use stainless steel.

TTKU Series

Sideflexing chain featuring projections on the outer plate for guiding around lateral curves. Has a higher allowable load than TTU Series.

TRU Series

Sideflexing chain with float-preventive tabs. Has a higher allowable load than TTU Series.

TO Series

Lateral conveyor chain — perfect for lateral conveyance in tight spaces.

TU Series

Lateral conveyor chain that can articulate vertically as well, enabling three-dimensional layouts.

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