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Teleza ZTFB1500

Teleza ZTFB1500 is another AGV that meets the needs of various types of industries as well. because it can be moved or continually transporting goods The direction of movement and operation can be controlled by magnetic strips or colored lines. Helps to manage the traffic of AGVs efficiently. It can carry a maximum towing weight of 1,500 kg and a travel speed of 30 meters per minute.


  • Tractor type: สำหรับใช้งานลากจูงจากด้านใต้
  • Maximum speed: ความเร็วสูงสุด 30 m/min
  • Maximum Towing: น้ำหนักลากจูงสูงสุด 1,500 Kg
  • Dimensions: ขนาดรถ W 400 mm x L 1790 mm
  • Height: ความสูงรถ H 290 mm
  • Driving time: ชั่วโมงใช้งาน 4-8 Hours


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