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The Connector System STEADYTEC®

Connectors for modern industrial applications need to be designed in such a way that they simplify processes and cope with faster data transmission. Weidmüller’s Ethernet connectors keep you a step ahead. These products are not only ready for 10 gigabits, they are also standardised for IEC 61076-3-106 and IEC 61076-3-117. In addition, the connector variants 4 (Ethernet/TCP/IP), variants 5 and 1 (Ethernet IP) and variant 14 (PROFINET/AIDA) which are named in these standards are all specified as mandatory in the standards covering generic cabling systems for industrial premises: ISO/IEC 24702, IEC 61918 (Automation Island), as well as for Fieldbus installations IEC 61784-5.

What’s more, you have a unique choice of versions made of plastic or metal as well as inserts for copper and fibre-optic cabling. All of the connectors are designed for ease of use and for quick on-site assembly. They are also modular and are tailored to suit your application.


  • 6A 10 GBit System Class EA
  • Assembly without tools in the field
  • Countless variations thanks to highly diverse combinations of inserts
  • Unrestricted compatibility because standardised to IEC 61076-3-106
  • Reliable and long-lasting thanks to use of diecast zinc
  • Suitable for industry thanks to IP 67 class of protection
  • Simple ordering procedure and low storage costs thanks to Weidmüller’s modular system

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