SICK is adding the TiM7xx to the TiM series for a seamless and scalable 2D-LiDAR sensor portfolio. This sensor combines intelligent field evaluation and measurement data output in one device. This makes it possible to output both data about the presence of an object in a defined area and exact measured data of the scanned surface. The TiM7xx is SICK´s solution for reducing the number of sensors needed for mobile applications. This enables customers to develop customized solutions for their applications. The compact design of the sensors is ideal for applications such as mobile platforms, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile service robots. The TiM7xx supports localization and collision avoidance in these applications.


  • Wide detection range: 0.05 m up to maximum 25 m
  • Low power consumption (typically: 4 W)
  • Immediate commissioning and configuration via USB and Ethernet
  • Intelligent field evaluation and measurement data output in one device
  • Rugged design suitable for industry thanks to enclosure rating up to IP67


Application Indoor / Outdoor
Measurement principle HDDM / HDDM+
Integrated application Protective field evaluation with flexible fields, output of measurement data,
Field evaluation with flexible fields
Aperture angle
Horizontal 270°
Angular resolution 0.33°
Working range 0.05 m … 25 m, > 90% remission
Scanning range
At 10% remission 8 m
Scanning frequency 15 Hz
Ambient operating temperature –25 °C … +50 °C 1)
Digital inputs 4 (PNP, for field set switching)
Digital outputs 3 (PNP, to display a protective field violation, additional 1 x “Device Ready”)
3 (PNP, additional 1 x “Device Ready”)
Weight 250 g
1) IEC 60068-2-14:2009.

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