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Track and Trace System (ALIS)

With the ALIS (Airport Luggage Identification System) track and trace system, luggage can be clearly identified as it is transported quickly and reliably through the airport, meaning you can rest assured of it reaching the right sorting zone. Designed like a reading interval gate, SICK has developed ALIS specifically with luggage handling services in mind. The system is extremely reliable when it comes to reading luggage information on IATA bar codes and RFID tagged labels. With ALIS, SICK has created a modular system which can be specially adapted to suit the various requirements of airport luggage identification and handling processes, whether this involves sensors, other electronic components, visualization software, or even the commissioning process.


  • 100% redundant design (optional)
  • Suitable for belt conveyors and container-type sorters.
  • Very high read rates.
  • Suitable for IATA bar codes and RFID tags.
  • Focus on bags and code reading in real time.
  • Tried-and-tested high-performance sensors.
  • Even capable of reading soiled and partially covered bar codes and RFID tagged labels to reduce the need for manual bag processing downstream.
  • Individual sensors can be replaced quickly thanks to quick-clamp devices and parameters which can be stored in the sensor connection and cloning plug.
  • High operational safety.
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate.


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