U-Remote IP 20

Maximum efficiency in the panel.

The only things that are large about u-remote are its savings potential and the system performance.


Smarter automation specified in a simpler way

u-remote simplifies your planning activities and offers unique functions

By coming up with new ideas and technologies and delivering the highest connection density on the market, we simplify the planning process for you and provide you with plenty of reserves for the future. Implement your customers’ requirements in a perceptibly simpler and quicker manner. u-remote changes the way you work for this purpose. Your system design is simplified. Your automation design is made more flexible. And your systems become more powerful.

No space for efficiency losses

u-remote enables the most miniature of system solutions that deliver maximum performance

Handle your projects with maximum performance. u-remote speeds up your installation process and makes your machines start up faster. The seamlessly pluggable system means that you can rely on your intuition and trust that there will be no errors

Notably improved production performance

u-remote significantly increases your machines ‘operating availability

Score top marks from your customers with maximum machine availability. u-remote is the most user-friendly I/O concept on the market that you can use to combine high-performance automation with optimum system handling. This gives your machines a convincing range of functions, decisively minimising the time and effort involved in service and maintenance.


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