U-Remote IP67

U-Remote IP67, Connectivity device that makes work processes more efficient. Can be used with machines in various industrial plants and also including other parts can be connected to the work system as well.

  • Robust design: The IP67 modules from u-remote measure up to the most stringent robustness requirements.
  • Productivity in a very confined space: Measuring 30 mm or 60 mm wide, u-remote can be installed both in confined spaces and on common profiles.
  • Top performance despite temperature fluctuations: As an IP67 system, u-remote is well-protected against water and dust and wide temperature range.


  • Help reduce errors that may occur in the work process. Along with increasing the efficiency of work processes to meet the established standards. 
  • Can be connected to a variety of systems or devices (IO-Link).
  • Reduce the cost of installation and maintenance, because it is easy to install and has a protection system for both water and dust
  • There are sensors and actuators that can be easily connected to the machine system, and control the operation of the machine effectively.



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