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UNIFLEX Advance, lightweight cable carrier, easy to install, convenient, fast that can be used in a variety of applications together.


  • High torsional rigidity.
  • Good ratio of inner to outer width.
  • Low noise emissions.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Optionally with C-rail integrated in the end connector.
  • Wear surfaces for gliding applications involving long travel lengths.


  • If easy, single-sided opening of the crossbars from inside or outside is required.
  • If cables have to be assembled quickly.
  • If an optional divider fixing should be available (e.g. for cable carrier laying on its side).
  • If a gliding arrangement should be optionally available.
  • If additional loads up to 10 kg/m are required.
  • If a plastic crossbar is required.
  • If an integrated strain relief is required.
  • If horizontal cable partitioning is desired.

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