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VARITECTOR: For Instrumentation, Control & Automation Circuits

The VARITECTOR SPC features a pluggable arrester which can be easily replaced or tested without any re-wiring. The V-TEST testing device enables an easy observance of maintenance intervals. The simple snap-on VSPC BASE allows for convenient mounting while simultaneously establishing a PE contact via the mounting rail. Featuring both, simple operation and high packaging density, the VSPC provides high-quality surge protection for all I&C signals. A coloured voltage marking allows maintenance staff to quickly identify the unit in the cabinet.

This product line also features a complete range of accessories, such as the V-GROUND for earthing all sensor signals or the V-TEST connector for circuit measurements. A VSPC Locking Clip also fixes the pluggable arrester on the base to withstand even extreme loads.

The VSPC R monitoring modules have an integrated message function which is monitored and controlled via the VSPC CONTROL UNIT.

The base element with plugged-in arrester has a total height of 69 mm.


  • 2-part, pluggable and modular terminals
  • VSPC R Series, are monitored by VARITECTOR CONTROL
  • Locking clip, as accessory, fixes the pluggable arrester
  • VSPC Base available in direct grounding and indirect grounding versions
  • Quick identification through color coding of the voltage level on the pluggable protection module

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