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Vertical Lifeline (VLL) LadSaf 3M DBI Sala

Vertical Lifeline (VLL) LadSaf 3M DBI Sala fall protection system, that will help the operator to safely mount the gun in high-altitude areas. Which can be installed with emergency stairs It has a height range of 6m, 9m, 15m, 21m, 30m and is also certified to international standards such as ANSI Z359.16, EN 353-1, OSHA 1926.1053 and OSHA 1910.29.


  • Reengineered to simplify and speed up the installation process.
  • 100% tie-off capability: Integrated fall arrest-rated anchor point on top bracket rated to 3,600 lbs.
  • Light – weighs less than our previous systems.
  • Flexible: Mounting brackets can be used on a variety of fixed ladder styles that may consist of different rung spacings and shapes
  • Fewer loose parts: Fewer than 13 separate components, up to 72% less than our previous comparable model.



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