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Visionary-T 3D vision sensors from SICK offer maximum flexibility for indoor use due to their innovative 3D-snapshot technology. The Visionary-T provides real-time depth information for each pixel – even for stationary applications – based on time-of-flight measurement. The sensors transmit the complete raw data and data that has been specifically pre-processed for the application in question. In addition, however, it is also possible to transfer measured values that have already been evaluated, resulting in simple sensor responses. In this way, the right information is always transmitted – customized to suit the respective application. High-performance visualization tools and reliable 3D information make the Visionary-T the ideal solution in applications including intralogistics, robotics, or industrial vehicles.


  • Record up to 50 3D images per second
  • Distance values: 144 x 176 pixels per recording
  • Output of 3D data via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and simple digital outputs
  • Provision of application-specific data
  • Temperature range: 0 °C … 50 °C or 0 °C … 45 °C (depending on the housing), enclosure rating: IP67


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