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WF Laser fork sensors are characterized by fast response times and a highly focused visible laser beam. The sender and receiver operate using a through-beam design and are in a single housing. No adjustments therefore need to be made. The sensors guarantee exceptionally high positioning accuracy and impress with their extremely fast response times and very fine resolution. As a result, the sensors are particularly suitable for detecting extremely small objects such as needles or wires. They are also recommended for the detection of transparent objects. A total of 21 WF Laser variants are available for use in a wide range of applications.


  • Very precise Class 1 laser
  • Simple and precise setting of the switching threshold via IO-Link, teach-in button, or plus/minus buttons
  • Fast response time: 100 μs
  • PNP and NPN switching output
  • Light/dark switching function
  • Stable aluminum housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Smart sensor with integrated IO-Link interface


Functional principle Optical detection principle
Fork width 2 mm … 120 mm
Fork depth 42 mm … 95 mm
MDO 0.05 mm
Light source Laser, red
Switching frequency 10 kHz 1)
  11 kHz 1)
Response time 100 µs
  60 µs 2)
Connection type Male connector M8, 4-pin
IO-Link functions – / ✔,
Advanced functions
  Time measurement + decentralized debouncing
  High speed counter + decentralized debouncing
1) With light/dark ratio 1:1.
2) Signal transit time with resistive load.

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