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The WLL190T-2 is compact fiber-optic photoelectric sensor equipped with two independently programmable channels (continuous thresholds) and an additional analog output that enables the user to output object properties, like clouding, transmission, positioning or size differences to a controller. With an IP 66 rating, the WLL190T-2 can operate in moist or dusty environments. An additional highlight of this high-end product family is the ability to use these devices as a stand-alone solution or in a sensor group. When operating in a group, the devices are fitted with integrated bus technology that enables up to 16 sensors to be attached for interference-free cascading. This saves time spent on wiring and enables the settings on one WLL190T-2 to be copied to all other devices on the bus.


At a glance

  • Sensing range up to 4 m, sensing distance up to 480 mm
  • Two separately adjustable channels
  • Alarm output
  • Optional analog output
  • Integrated counter
  • Bus-compatible with anti-interference
  • 2 x 4-digit display
  • Red and green LED emitter

Your Benefits

  • Two channels can be configured independently of one another, simplifying installation.
  • Simple commissioning and product changeover via external teach-in.
  • Bus communication saves space and money, reduces wiring and eliminates interference caused by fiber-optic heads mounted close to one another.
  • Easy monitoring of process parameters.
  • Time delays can be adjusted individually to suit the application.
  • APC for (Automatic Power Correction) long-term, stable detection.
  • Alarm output for reliable detection in adverse conditions, ensuring high process reliability.


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