Proximity Sensors (Prox)

Proximity Sensors (Prox)

is a type of sensor that can operate without touching the work piece. It is characterized by both transmitting and receiving forms of energy, namely magnetic fields, electric fields, light, sound and wind signals is long service life and fast object detection. We are the official distributor of Panasonic and SICK.

Panasonic is a leading brand from Japan. That produce and develop products in the field of proximity sensors continually, including various services for customers to choose from in a variety.

As for the SICK brand, the world leader in safety sensor technology from Germany, has developed products to meet the needs of customers as much as possible, whether: 

Inductive Proximity: Sensor that uses the principle of induction of electromagnetic fields to work. For use in detecting metal objects without touching the object detect quickly It can be used for detection, position, speed measurement and counting tasks.

Capacitive Proximity: Sensor detects non-contact objects. Can be used to detect all kinds of objects whether it is metal and non-metal such as glass, wood, plastic, paper, iron and zinc, etc.

Magnetic Proximity: Sensor used to detect specific magnetic objects or electromagnetic waves.