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How SC Series Smart Camera Helps Control Quality within
a Bottle of Water? | HIKROBOT

Have you ever wondered who makes sure your beverage bottles are properly sealed and takes care of the quality control?

Find out more in HIKROBOT Smart Camera and check how a bottle of water passes the quality control process before being laid in your hands.

SC Series Smart Camera

SC Series Smart Camera

When bottled beverages are in mass production, manual intervention such as checking the bottle caps, labels, printed production data, fill levels or missing bottles in the package will slow down the production, cause mistakes and jeopardize the company reputation.

To keep up with the rapid production and make every bottled beverage pass the quality control, machine vision products like our SC series smart cameras are applied in vision inspection, recognition and measurement.

  • Inspection, recognition, measurement.
  • Beverage packaging quality guardians.
  • Stable performance with accuracy rate over 99.99%

SC Series Smart Camera Applications in Food and Beverage Industry

  • Fill Level Inspection
  • Bottle Cap Inspection
  • Character Recognition               
  • Label Quality Inspection
  • Missing Item Inspection
  • Package Measurement

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