S3000 Anti Collision SICK

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S3000 Anti Collision

          The formula for safety in very narrow aisles

Where to use S3000 Anti Collision

           S3000 Anti Collision is a member of the S3000 product family by SICK. It has been specifically designed and certified for use in very narrow aisle warehouses.

The safety demand for very narrow-aisle warehouses

            Very narrow-aisle warehouses are storage systems which do not provide a minimum distance of 0.5 meters between the shelf and industrial trucks. As this type of environment presents a risk of personal injury, it is important to comply with safety requirements in line with DIN 15185-2 by taking measures such as attaching a personal protection system to both sides of the industrial trucks. Until now, the risk of collision meant that it was not possible to operate two or more trucks in the same aisle, which severely impacted efficiency and flexibility of the industrial trucks. 

The solution: S3000 Anti Collision 

             The S3000 Anti Collision makes it possible to operate two or more industrial trucks in a very narrow aisle – an absolute must when it comes to greater throughput and flexibility.


     The S3000 Anti Collision significantly increases handling capacity thanks to the ability to use several industrial trucks in the same narrow aisle.


 Detection of a second industrial truck in the same direction of travel (left) and the opposite direction of travel (right) by the S3000 Anti Collision

    The scanning range of the S3000 Anti Collision for safe collision protection is 15 meters, at the same time personnel are detected safely up to a distance of 7 meters. Up to 16 field sets are available to provide dynamic field-set switching for making flexible adjustments to various driving situations, such as different load and speed conditions. This all combines to ensure that you are able to make optimal use of the aisle.

SICK’s system advantages

           In combination with the modular safety controller Flexi Soft, the motion control safety controller Flexi Soft Drive Monitor and the speed information from the DFS60 or DFS60S Pro encoders from SICK, the S3000 Anti Collision offers dynamic field-set switching. In the event of an infringement of a safety field, the Flexi Soft sends a signal to the vehicle controller so that it can reduce its speed. The Flexi Soft Drive Monitor registers the reduction in speed and shares this information with the laser scanner, which then reduces the field length to an appropriate shorter length for the slower speed. The speed is reduced once again or the vehicle stops immediately, if a further field is infringed. This means that it only comes to a
complete standstill when it is absolutely necessary. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can also be expanded to include further safety components such as emergency stops or safety position switches. Brought to you by SICK, this system allows you to adapt industrial trucks perfectly to suit the requirements imposed by your aisles. The system enables you to increase efficiency and flexibility of your industrial trucks while maintaining optimal safety.