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Our Products

FA Cable / Cable Carrier / Chain

Flexible, soft, strong, resistant to heat, bending well.


Fast to detect without touching the material, high precision.

Automation / Electronics / Connectivity

Make the work process more convenient, reduce errors from working well.

AGVs and Autonomous Navigation

Reduce operating costs, transport a wide range of materials, easily adapt to the work process.

Machine Vision

Reduce errors and speed up work. It helps to control the quality of work as well.

Barcode System

Can read various types of barcodes, check the accuracy.

Laser Mark 

Prints accurately, adheres firmly, does not fade, has a high printing speed. 

Safety System

Prevent dangers from working in risky areas such as; horizontal, high-rise and confined spaces, etc.

Security System

Accurate temperature measurement, fast face scanning, real-time viewing.

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